Main areas of our activities

Software Expert Company develops software products in four main areas:

Mobile Applications The company is active in the area of mobile applications development since 2005. Despite the fact that this area is a subject to fast and significant changes, we try to develop products for all common and popular mobile platforms. The range of our products varies from simple techniques such as j2me, to the most sophisticated platforms like iOS and Android. In most cases we develop new mobile applications, which are integrated with server platforms.
Server Platforms One of our key areas is the development of server platforms with different complexity levels. We start with simple server applications in support of small internet projects and proceed to complex multi-level manufacturing clouds. The technologies we use allow creation where necessary of reliable, highly loaded safety systems, designed for application on dedicated multiprocessor servers.
Web-development We have extensive experience in creating successful web-projects. We start with simple website visiting cards and proceed to complex web-portals, integrated with social networking services (such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo etc.) and with use of billing systems (Paypal, Google checkout, Php, asp and jsp are the basis for web-development. We use the most of popular frameworks to create Internet projects that can import, store and transfer data volumes, interact with a large number of users and process huge amounts of information.
Intelligent Systems In designing of topical systems we are also looking forward. We act in the field of creating software systems based on intelligent knowledge-based repositories. Actively introducing advanced technologies in the field of semantic web in production and application systems, we create systems of new generation.