Software Expert company provides software development outsourcing for a wide range of companies, from SME to large business. Whether it is a large-scale server solution or a small single-user application - we will be happy to develop it for you. Working with us, you will get high-quality and cost-optimal solutions that will help you to achieve your goals.
Application development
We adhere to leading development standards, select the best technology and software architecture, provide full documentation and extensive testing.
Quality Assurance
We perform a thorough quality control of mobile, server and Web software. We conduct manual and automated software testing.
Dedicated team
You have an option of hiring a dedicated team working exclusively on your projects for streamlined work and most effective results.
IT Consulting
Our team of experienced and talented consultants will help you find best solutions to simple and complex IT problems.
Technical support
Every IT project requires continuous support throughout the life cycle. We guarantee such support. We are looking forward to working with you!
Innovative solutions
We apply and develop innovative software technologies, specializing in Semantic Web, Ontology Web Language, Big Data and Industry 4.0.